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Mixed !

Missing a farm full of trees and flowers !
Missing  the terrace for a coffee !  Missing short skirts and heels  Missing the DJ nights  Missing the nature   Missing the birds ki ki  Mixture of feelings ...  Busy life ..  At times you get all these in your head  Without knowing what to do with it ! 

One best friend

Friends can be many ,
Known people can be many ,
Close friends can be many ,
But don't you think there can be only one" best friend "

I totally believe that a person can have only one best friend . You can tell to everybody that you are my best friend but you got to share everything with them and then only it's called best friends .

Best friend can only be one ! I can't add an other one to it.

I have a best friend .

Do you have a friend like that ?

Post in your views about this .

Lovely moment

I saw 500 unread messages popping in
My inbox was filled with a crying smiley and few sad faces
I asked her is she sick??
She sent me a knife
Then a bomb , syringe ,hammer
What not ?
I asked her again and she sent me a thumbs up !
I called her and she picked my call
I asked her what happened to you?
She said I am fine .
Then why sad faces ?
She said it's not me.....

So who was that ??

It was he daughter playing with the colorful emoticons sitting in the bedroom .


I loved that moment .
I enjoyed it .
She is a clever one  !!

My country

I crossed my street they asked my caste
I crossed my district they asked my religion
I crossed my state they asked my language
I crossed my country
I became an INDIAN !

Dream a job

Working in your dream company is the best thing that can ever happen to you .
Now , why did I say this ?
Yes, I have a few list of companies where I really wanted to work . I have always had this list from the age of 18 . I decide where I should work . I just don't take up whatever job comes in . Might seem to be weird but this is how it has been .
Everyday there is someone who looks into my profile from my listed company . I never know why it happens . I have 3000 followers and the graph has never gone down .
Always hope for the best and keep trying .
It's better to try than being idle .
Always have great dreams and definitely you can reach them .
Love life and love your job !

Post in your dream jobs !

Like you all I am also waiting for that day !

Left out paints

So this time while coming back home I had so much of laguage hence I had to leave all my paint back in India . I had only few colors with me and I decided to empty it with this painting so that I can buy some new paints . Let know what you feel about this painting !

What can I name it ?


Behind every addiction,there is a family that is suffering .
Remembering those who have lost their battle with addiction ,
And those who are still suffering.
Never get addicted !

God !

We all stand to God
Asking to help us
Could you please save me from this  problem alone ?

Has someone ever helped the God ? ?
To whom did he go?

For you all .

Once in a blue moon day ,
You will wake up and blinking will take you all the effort .You will set your goals and never leave the chair .You will cancel your plans.You will forget to eat.You will feel like the world around you is ending .

This is not true !
We all have moments, days, weeks, months or even years like this .

You are normal .
The sun will rise and you will feel content .

Have a nice day everybody !

The NC friend

We live in world where we are all left alone . We go for work make some money and come back home . We never get time to think anything at present .
Myself , lost my parents at the age of 14 . I was left with a 8 year old brother and a 4 year old sister . The only thing I thought for till date is , how to grow up in life and change the tragedy into a history ! I always thing about work, business , health and how to keep people happy around me . I never get time for anything else though I do some painting and few other things. Even with my friends it's all about serious talks . It's very rare that I find someone interesting to me . I never wanted a friend who is so serious about life , but I ended up having serious friends . The fun part in me died .
Past few days I got a new friend from the US and it's so interesting talking to her because she never talks about life and money .She speaks about make up , pets, picnics, new clothes, comedy series , cooking , traveling what n…