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Rasam  is a South Indian soup, traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings.

The reason for me to write about Rasam preparation is due to winter and stomach upset that i faced ..lolz :)
During winter we normally feel to eat something hot and spicy .Due to this we face so much of digestion problems .I have gone through the same stuff .

I guess this would help at least one of you ..
Ingredients required   TamarindPepperCumin seed GarlicTurmeric powderSalt
How to prepare ?
Take a small ball of tamarind and soak in water for 15-20 minutes .Drain the tamarind water using a filter or using your hands and pour the tamarind water in a bowl .While the tamarind water is boiling put some salt,turmeric powder ,pepper,cumin seed and garlic in it and keep stirring .In sometime,you will get a yummy herbs smell boiling and thats it 
Rasam is ready :)
Try having it with rice or else you can pour it in a bowl and have it as a soup .

NRI @ India

Non Residential Indians are the most respected in India. The question is, do they really deserve it?

Can't say if they learned anything else after going abroad, but they surely know the word 'Yeah' . For everything asked, they have only one answer, 'Ya Ya'. Let it be any country,they follow the 'Ya Ya'concept .For everything they will have a Thank you as well ,even if mom gives a cup of coffee.Like wise hundreds of sorry .

You can go to some five-star restaurant and enjoy your sparkling clear bottled water there. When in India, do as the Indians do!Drink a glass full of water !

Indian food 'Too Spicy'.However much they may crave for Rajma-Chawal or Chhole-Bhature,Pav Bhaaji,Channa masala back there, they never fail to mention the 'healthy food habits' in their country :)

Cricket ...Whats that ?Tennis and football is awesome you know ..Rugby,skating WOW!
playing cricket in the groun
d is how you grew up and we all know how enthusiastically …