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Resume Research

20-30 CV's make their way to my inbox everyday.Here are few of my humble observations and recommendations .

Never send a job application appealing for help. "Please help me to find a job" will make you sound hopeless and helpless.

Employers want  executors, innovators and problems solvers.

Show your employer that you want to work for him and you will do whatever it takes to prove you will be worth his time and money.

Your employer needs your help as much as you need that job.

Show your potential employer that you can communicate and take the time to write a proper introduction, preferably made by yourself and not copy and past from the net.

Even if it will take you a week to write, take your time and do it, it will improve the chances of your employer reading your application.

Remember, your potential employer is at least as busy as you are! Avoid shortening words and using abbreviations such as "plz check ur mail" as if were are trying to save costs SMS textin…