12 August 2012

Thoughts ...

A Flower that blooms doesn't know the beauty that it beholds...
Undiscovered beauty lasts till the next beautiful thing is discovered.
To be 'Discovered' or Not discovered' is the best ??? 

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4 August 2012


To All My Dear Friends!

U may be a gal or Bot
U may be bold
U may be black
U may be a vegetarian
U may be fat
U may think ur the king or the queen
U may talk a lot
U may hate pet

U may love music
U may be weird or cool
U may be fit or Hip
U may go by sled or
U might have a car
U may be a cowboy or a cow gal
U Might wear glasses or might not wear
U may be bad or Mad

My dad

You got a friend in me When the road looks rough and you are miles and miles from your nice warm bed You just remember what your old dad ...